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Elementary Program

Earth2Our Elementary Program for children between the ages of six to twelve, focuses on educating “the whole child,” and is designed to meet the needs of your child in this phase of development. Dr. Maria Montessori describes that plane of development as the Intellectual Period. Following the Montessori philosophy, our school strives to provide the environment that will not only shape knowledge and skills but also encourage a love of learning to last a lifetime. HPMS philosophy helps to develop creative, inquisitive, analytical and compassionate citizens of their community.

Elementary-age students are naturally curious and have a strong internal drive to discover the order and functions of our universe. They ask a lot of questions. Our trained and experienced teachers inspire students’ imaginations to allow them to explore on their own. Each teaching team consists of three adults: a Montessori-trained teacher, an NJ or NY state certified teacher and a Literacy Specialist. Many HPMS Elementary teachers hold Elementary Montessori Certification as well as State Certifications K-6 and MA degrees.

The HPMS Elementary Program is designed around a child’s natural cognitive abilities. Each student’s response to a lesson is unique; individualized work plans and follow-up work reflect those individual differences. On a daily basis one may observe students working on various math problems, recording science experiments, writing book reports, collecting data for research, working on creative writing pieces, and taking spelling tests.

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