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Upper Elementary

Orion5Our Upper Elementary program addresses the development of the child as s/he embarks upon pre-adolescence. At this stage, students are forming their moral centers and thinking about their place among friends and in a larger community. Students participate in weekly discussions about social issues and decision-making. In addition, the class meets daily for a Community Meeting in which students raise issues or concerns that are affecting the classroom. The meetings are student-led, and focus on consensus-building and using problem-solving strategies to make positive changes in our community.

The Upper Elementary Program curriculum focuses on building students’ intellect, independence and promoting time management skills. Students have lessons in each subject area by grade level on a weekly basis. Throughout the week, they are asked to explore concepts and demonstrate their learning through various formats, including note-taking, research summaries, models and other visual displays, and creative skits. Students keep track of when their work is due through use of a weekly Learning Plan. Students incorporate technology both in their research and in their sharing of what they have learned. Math, reading, and spelling are individualized according to the student’s need and ability.

The following are examples of curricular topics spiraled throughout the students Upper Elementary years at HPMS:

Mechanics, advanced study of parts of speech and sentence diagramming, paragraph structure to write reports and essays, research and note-taking, Greek and Latin roots

Writers’ Workshop, Book Clubs

Advanced practice with division and multiplication, operations with decimals and fractions, squaring and cubing, pre-algebra and algebra

Study of congruency, similarity, equivalency, area of 2-D figures, volume of geometric solids

Biology (plant and animal physiology, advance classification), Physics (laws of motion, sound/light, energy), Chemistry (states of matter, laws of conservation, acids and bases, chemical changes, atomic model), Lab work

Functional Geography
Study of land, water, and air and their relationship to Ecology and Earth Science

Study of early humans, ancient civilizations, trade and exploration, American history, regional geography

Typing program, using online sources for research, iMovie, PowerPoint, Keynote, Scratch, Docera, Pages

Peace Curriculum
Community building, grace and courtesy, conflict resolution, service projects, environmental stewardship, character education

Spanish, Art, Music, P.E., Health

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